TALKS My Father Never Had With Me Vol II

(Helping the young male reach adulthood)

Secondary School Text

Dr. Harold Davis


Newspapers are filled with articles regarding the plight of America's young men. The likelihood of many of them reaching adulthood is reported as dismal at best. This book, Talks My Father Never Had With Me, addresses the forces that young men are up against and offers the needed skills and values to carry them through life. Several popular chapters include The Importance of Understanding Your Orientation, The Concept of the Work Ethic, and The Principle of Authority. Each chapter serves as an appetizer to stimulate thought and discussion. The student text, used in conjunction with the mentor's guide, exposes young men to written wisdom and that spoken by a mentor, and facilitates transgenerational sharing around critical issues. The young man who will give himself to these truths will have a greater chance of achieving manhood. This book is a must-read for every secondary school level male.

324 pages
ISBN 0-9638553-3-6




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